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Sleeping in yurts - a unique experience!

A journey to Mongolia is not complete without a night inside a traditional yurt (GER in Mongolian). Eight comfortable yurts are placed around the restaurant Altan Buga. Inside, you will find everything you need: Beds, tables, stools, a place to wash and small, round oven. You will lack nothing and there will be even electricity in your home.

Showers, bathrooms and a sauna are in a separate wooden building. You can get there with a short walk. The entrance of a yurt always points south. The view from one of the yurts of Altan Buga opens to the green valley of Chingeltei. Welcome to Mongolia!

German-mongolian cuisine in Altan Buga

Chef Tunga will cook traditional Mongolian but also German dishes for you. Since she also studied cooking in Germany she knows how to cook Mongolian meals catered for European palates.

Enjoy traditional meals like Buuz, Huschurs, Manta Buuz, Oromag, Manto, Laptscha and many more.