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Franconia in Mongolia

In 2001 Gesine Schiele and Annelie Petry traveled to Mongolia. On their numerous trips, they discovered bear’s garlic - the idea of building a Fraconian restaurant in Mongolia was born.

Tungaa, the current hostess of the „Goldenen Hirschen“ and the cook of the group at that time was instantly stoked. Her husband, Bataa, who was accompanying the group as a rider was interested as well.

In 2002 Gesine and Annelie invited Tungaa to Franconia. She held presentations about her home in Mongolia and prepared Mongolian meals in the castle of Eysölden. Simultaneously, she learned about the Franconian cuisine. She knows how to cook "Kniedla", "Schäuferla", "Reiberdatschi", "Griesnockerln" and many other delicious dishes. She also learned German and made a lot of contacts.

Back in Mongolia, she bought a place on the outskirts on Ulan Bator. Tungaa and Baata then built the "Goldenen Hirsch" in 2004. After that, they set up eight yurts on the perimeter. And eh voilà, the yurt hotel was done.

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