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A visit in the monastery of Erdene Hamba

No matter which trip you take you will always visit the beautifully located temple of „Erdene Hamba“. Bataas mother, the lamaist Davaa, rebuilt this formerly destroyed temple with great enthusiasm and shaped it into a peaceful place.

The history of the temple

The temple is located in the region of Bulgan, near the district town of Raschaant. Here, the Mongols built ten stone temples in the 16th century - „Erdene Hamba“ being one of those. This temple dedicated to the beautiful Mongolian architecture. Despite the wars raging at that time the walls of this building still stand.

In 1687 the building served as a lama temple called Sanabazar Bogd. The great lama Sanabazar lived there. He rebuilt it for his Buddhistic teachings. Two Mongolian and six Tibetian lamas preached there. Until one day, the warriors of general Galdan Boschgot destroyed it and killed all lamas who lived there. The temple was renamed „Erdene Hamba“ in 1937 — in honor of a great lama. In 1990 the democratic movement of Mongolia rose to power.

The grand-daughter of a great lama took the temple over in 1994. Her name is Ts Davaa. She is a lamaist herself. From 1992 Ts Davaa and her children rebuilt the temple on their own expenses. This is why even today tourists and visitors from all over Mongolia can learn about the history of the temple. Even today, you can hear homilies there.

There is a main Buddha in the temple. His name is „Ulaan Jamsran“. Davaa became a famous preacher. A lot of tourists from all over the world visit her. She is able to foretell people their future und thus helps them to influence their future with help of Buddhistic teachings. That is a virtuous activity for the greater good. In 2004 Davaa was in India and met the Dalai Lama. They prayed together für her home, her family and her children.

Today, she wants to maintain and nourish the temple and the Mongolian traditions in harmony with the Buddhist teachings.